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Our team has been working hard to find the "gaps" in the Digital Art and 3D Industry for the types of applications we support.  Our latest software development CCEZ is a great help to DAZ Studio users. Morphing Genesis was designed for and using the new DAZ Studio version 4.8 Iradium which now includes the nVidia Iray render engine.  You might also want to check out these recent releases as well:  Go-Figure! figure-fitting poses for the Feathered Wings,and  Get Started In 3D eBook PDF to learn DAZ Studio 4 for art and animations.  Peruse our website; you are sure to find something you like.
Talk about customer appreciation!  Our thanks go out to Tiger9166 for letting the world know that Winterbrose products have helped him develop his 3D skills. Click image below to get your own copy while they are FREE...
How often have you desparately searched for that one special function or command in DAZ Studio and ended up with nothing but frustration? This cross-indexed reference set explains where to find almost every function and will diminish many barriers to your workflow.  MORPHING GENESIS with DAZ Studio 4.8 and Hexagon 2.5 is a tutorial that will teach you morphing DAZ figures to create your own new characters, how to find DUF files, thumbnail creation, packaging with ZIP files and more...  with the Go-Figure pose presets, you can have fun using feathered wings on just about any DAZ Studio compatible figure, character or even props  Even if you don't know anything about 3D artwork and animation, this tutorial will help kickstart a fantastic hobby or great career with detailed step-by-step fully illustrated instructions. Vent Plate by Tiger9166 in appreciation of Winterbrose products
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