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We have just released our first set of models in our 3D Elements series for Daz Studio.  This set of props consists of 60 various arrows and pointers in straight and beveled edge formats for a total of 120 models in all.  Click image below or click here. Looking for snow?  Get this set of snowflake images in PNG and JPG format free for both Commercial and Personal Use.  Or perhaps you need a way for your arwork to express itself?  Then check out our new Callouts props.
3D Elements - Arrows and Pointers

Snowflakes 2015

Callout Props

STUDIO*MASTER Finding Installed Content in DAZ Studio 4.8 PDF with WMV /MP4 Videos MORPHING GENESIS with DAZ Studio 4.8 and Hexagon 2.5 is a tutorial that will teach you morphing DAZ figures to create your own new characters, how to find DUF files, thumbnail creation, packaging with ZIP files and more... with the Go-Figure pose presets, you can have fun using feathered wings on just about any DAZ Studio compatible figure, character or even props Even if you don't know anything about 3D artwork and animation, this tutorial will help kickstart a fantastic hobby or great career with detailed step-by-step fully illustrated instructions. Pics, You're Perfect! for DAZ Studio 4

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