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3D Font Chisel for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
CHISEL 3D Font for DazStudio
3D Font Mallow for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
MALLOW 3D Font for DazStudio
3D Font Stout for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
STOUT 3D Font for DazStudio
3D Font Tuffy for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
TUFFY 3D Font for DazStudio
Looking for a true 3D font to use in your digital artwork projects?  These four sets have been crafted to work with the popular Daz Studio application.  Each set is a true 3D Font collection of 62 Alpha-Numberic Props in DUF format for Daz Studio 4+.  Each set of alpha-numeric props was created to be compatible with other Props and Daz Scripts designed for use with Phrase-Maker.  Each set consists of Sixty-Two (62) Props including lower/upper case english alphabet (52) and numbers (10).  The ways in which these sets can be used in your projects is only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

STUDIO*MASTER Finding Installed Content in DAZ Studio 4.8 PDF with WMV /MP4 Videos MORPHING GENESIS with DAZ Studio 4.8 and Hexagon 2.5 is a tutorial that will teach you morphing DAZ figures to create your own new characters, how to find DUF files, thumbnail creation, packaging with ZIP files and more... with the Go-Figure pose presets, you can have fun using feathered wings on just about any DAZ Studio compatible figure, character or even props Even if you don't know anything about 3D artwork and animation, this tutorial will help kickstart a fantastic hobby or great career with detailed step-by-step fully illustrated instructions. Pics, You're Perfect! for DAZ Studio 4

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