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Learn some techniques
to effectively store and
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Learn about poses for
your 3D artwork with this
introductory guide for DS4.

Whrere's My Hair?
for Genesis 2 Female

Using Genesis Hair with
the Genesis 2 Female in
DAZ Studio 4.

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to create some "real" toys for the children in your life using virtual tools like DAZ Studio and The GIMP. Growing up we have all seen and probably played with "paper dolls" at one time or another. From dress up girls to military men with weapons, there is as much fun in creating these for adults as there is for children cutting out and playing with them.  Click here.
THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE - Starter Essentials DS4
Are you new to DAZ Studio and the wonderful world of using 3D modeling? Don't be afraid of all the power that DAZ Studio offers!  Hit the ground running by learning what you need to get started without the need to buy anything else.  Once you know what you are doing, nothing will be able to stop you.  This guide is fully illustrated in PDF format covering everything from installing the Starter Essentials manually or with DIM to how to find all that wonderful content included for free.  Click here.
DRAGON CAGE for Acheron Pit
Two men fight to the death with only the victor leaving the arena of Acheron Pit.  What the crowd really wants is the gory battle between two Dragons fighting to the end.  To do this, the Dragon Cage was designed and constructed to prevent any dragon from escaping the pit except through the gates.  As the DAZ Dragon 3 and the Millennium Dragon LE enter the pit, the crowd cheers them on as they rant in unison the saying for Dragon Cage, "Two shall enter but only one shall leave!" Click here.
Learn how to create multitudes of similar 3D objects within your scene and/or animation similar to those you see in the real-world.  Crowds walking in the city, schools of fish, flocks of birds, squadrons of aircraft/spacecraft.  The possibilities are as numerous as you can imagine.  Do you have a system with minimal resources?  Discover how to create 2D representations of your 3D objects without overwhelming your system when saving and rendering.  Click here to read more.
If we could make it any simpler, we would.  But you will find that Simply Seamless is about as easy as it gets.  Simply load almost any texture and instantly see it transformed into a seamless rendition of the original.  Sure you could perform this function manually using either Photoshop or The GIMP.  But when time means money for an artist, the speedy production of seamless textures using flip-flop technology ensures that Simply Seamless will  pay for itself.  Click here to read more.
The long awaited New DAZ Dragon 3 has finally been released by DAZ3D.  Get it here while it is on sale.  Our sets of 20 background images and 40 awesome poses for the Dragon3 will be a great addition to your 3D arsenal.
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