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Seamless JPG Textures for 2D and 3D Projects
Just $ 3.00

This compilation of 60 colorful images in JPG format sized at 256x256 shows hints of yellow and gold.  Each texture was saved at uncompressed (100%) to retain the original image quality for use in all of your projects.  These textures are perfect for creating your own backgrounds, borders, textures, or materials.  This pacakge is licensed for ROYALTY FREE, MERCHANT RESOURCE, COMMERCIAL USE, and PERSONAL USE.  The main promo clothing textures were created with KWK-3332, KWK-3358, KWK-3632, and KWK-3657.  Scroll down for more images...

This license is available on this product's webpage for review before making any purchases.
By purchasing this package, you agree in full with the license requirements.
If you do not agree to all allowances/restrictions, then do not purchase this product.
Valid purchasers of this package are licensed/authorized to use this product as follows:
1) You may use any image Royalty Free to create both digital and physical products.
2) You may use any image as Merchant Resource to create digital 2D and 3D products.
3) You may not create digital and/or physical products that consist solely of an image.
4) You may use image(s) to create both Commercial and Personal digital projects.
5) You may sell, share, and distribute your unique digital and physical product creations.
6) You may not create products that are simply a copied, tiled, or enlarged version
   of image(s) in this package regardless of file format or media used.
7) You may not create products in any manner where the original image(s) can be easily extracted.
8) You may not create digital or physical products that directly compete with this product.

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