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 using DAZ Studio 4

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The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to create some "real" toys for the children in your life using virtual tools like DAZ Studio and The GIMP. Growing up we have all seen and probably played with "paper dolls" at one time or another. From dress up girls to military men with weapons, there is as much fun in creating these for adults as there is for children cutting out and playing with them.  The techniques demonstrated in this tutorial can be applied to almost any 3D figure/character. Why not bring a little joy into the life of your son/daughter, niece/nephew or any other child you know and love.  The things you create will be one of a kind gifts with your own personal touches.  It just doesn't get better than that.
* Tutorial Overview:
  - 90-Pages Fully Illustrated
  - Popular PDF Format
  - Step-by-Step Instructions
  - Prepared with DAZ Studio 4.6
* Designing Your Project
  - Character
  - Hair style
  - Pose
  - Customizing pose
  - Rendering Basics
  - Single-pass Items
  - Separate-pass Items
* Clothing
  - Making Adjustments
  - Common Problems and Solutions
* Accessories
  - Handbags, Weapons, etc...
* Rendering Your Project
  - Main Figure Cut-Out
  - Outfit Cut-Outs
  - Clothing Cut-Outs
* Creating the Cut-Out Images
  - Layered Image FIles
  - Arranging Layers
  - Merging Layers
  - Trimming Layers
  - Making Cutting Lines
  - Making Fold Over Tabs
* Printing Your Creations

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