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Postwork TEXT Overlays
Part 1
{This guide can be used with any 3D software}

This 31-page fully illustrated tutorial is provided FREE in standard PDF format as part of the
NOVICE-N-NEWBIE Series of guides to assist artists in developing their professional skills.
Have you create an awesome piece of artwork or perhaps a promotional image for your new 3D product?  This tutorial will demonstrate how to create professional quality text to be used as overlays in your artwork or promotional (promo) images.  Blended text will gradually change color across the complete word from left to right between the two colors you select as the foreground and background colors.  Two-Tone text is similar to Blended but will gradually change color from top to bottom across each individual letter from the two colors you selected as foreground/background colors.  Textured text will have each have each individual letter of the word filled with the texture (pattern) of your choice.
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