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Finding Installed Content In DAZ Studio 4.8

Standard PDF Format   Tutorial on how to find installed content in Content Library and Smart Content sections of DAZ Studio   WMV/MP4 Formats
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Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Structured Content in DAZ Libraries
Have you ever felt frustrated because you know that you have installed that new prop but cannot seem to find it anywhere in DAZ Studio? Donít let that get you down, because once you know where to look for your 3D content and why it is there, you will be able to find it faster.

Learn how to search for items in smart content and content library with this pdf, mp4 and wmv package for DAZ Studio

Are you a slave to the search bar in the Content tabs always asking yourself, "Why canít I find anything?" For those of you tempted to respond with "anyone can perform a search", we say you are absolutely correct. However, once the search results are returned, many DS users do not know how to analyze/interpret the results and are dependent on the search engine to find their content.

Includes fully illustrated 48 page pdf that demonstrates step by step instructions for DAZ Studio

This tutorial will show you how to find your content in the Content Library and Smart Content sections of DAZ Studio and why it is there. Both DAZ Studio Formats and Poser Formats are discussed along with how to find the exact filepath DAZ Studio is using for your particular computer system.

* DAZ Install Manager
- DIM Overview
- Starter Essentials
* My DAZ 3D Library
- DAZ Studio Formats
- Poser Formats
- Content Directory Manager
* Smart Content
- Files / Products
- Searching for Products
* Content Library
- Finding Folder Locations
- DAZ Folder Locations
- Searching for Products
* Updating Content
- Creator Preferences
- Missing Thumbnails
* Recovering Lost Content

Please note that the package download size is ~283 Mb.

PDF is accompanied by eight (8) videos in MP4 / WMV formats demonstrating with DAZ Studio 4.8 (DS48) all of the instructions you need to find your installed content.

In addition to the 48-Page Fully Illustrated Standard PDF, this package is accompanied by eight (8) videos in both MP4 and WMV formats all prepared using DAZ Studio 4.8 (DS48).  These videos cover all the instructions you need to find your installed content.

HD Videos sized at 1280x720 in WMV and MP4 formats covering written topics:
* MODULE 01: Introduction and DAZ Studio Setup
* MODULE 02: Brief Overview of DAZ Install Manager
* MODULE 03: Smart Content vs. Content Library
* MODULE 04: Smart Content tab Explained
* MODULE 05: Content Library tab Explained
* MODULE 06: Cross-Referencing Content
* MODULE 07: Updating Content Listings
* MODULE 08: My DAZ 3D Library File Paths

If all of that wasn't already exciting, how about being able to watch the video instructions directly from the PDF!  Links are included in sections to directly access the accompanying videos without having to exit your reading.  Read it! Watch it! & Do It!
Be sure to keep the ZIP folder structures intact for the MP4/WMV Video links to function properly.

PDF guide includes direct links to each of the MP4 / WMV videos so you can read and then watch as you learn how to find content.

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