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The Beginner's Guide to Surfaces and Colors in Daz Studio 4

Fully Illustrated Tutorial


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WOW, all of this information for just $2.00 in fully illustrated step-by-step instructions provided as standard PDF format.
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Everyone knows what Colors and Surfaces are, or do they?  Scratch the surface for both of these topics and start creating colorful and more detailed artwork using DAZ Studio!  Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from using color parameters to add life to objects in your scene all the way to surface mapping to texturize objects for more realistic look and feel in  your rendered scenes.  Don't be intimidated by the powerful features of DAZ Studio; harness them and expand your own potential!  Learn how to use colors and surfaces to show people exactly what they need to see.  The world isn't just black and white with plain flat surfaces and your own creations shouldn't be either. This guide is fully illustrated in PDF format covering everything from the basic color parameters available to applying surface textures directly to objects in your rendered scenes.

Overview for the fully-illustrated version of The Beginner's Guide to Surfaces and COlors for Daz Studio 4

* Tutorial Overview:
  - 93-Pages Fully Illustrated
  - Popular PDF Format
  - Step-by-Step Instructions
  - Prepared with DAZ Studio 4.6
* Introduction and Terms:
  - Diffuse
  - Specular
  - Glossiness
  - Ambient
  - Reflection
  - Refraction
* Surfaces and Colors:
  - Color Dialog
  - Surfaces (Color) Tab
  - Setting Diffuse Color
  - Setting Specular Color
  - Setting Glossiness
  - Setting Ambient Color
  - Setting Reflection Color
  - Setting Refraction Color
* Advanced Surfaces:
  - Applying Textures
  - Applying Opacity Map
  - Applying Bump Map
  - Applying Displacement Map
* Quickly Create Your Own Versions of:
  - Silver Surfer Character
  - Blue Man Group Member
  - Green Alien Character
* Get Started Quickly with Support Files
  - Includes Texture and Opacity Map
  - Includes Bump & Displacement Map

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