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Making of Safety Cone for Daz Studio

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Daz Studio 4
Daz Studio 4 (DS4) Safety Cone 3D  Model
{1.8 Mb}
PDF Making of Safety Cone 3D Model for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
{220 Mb}
MP4 Making of Safety Cone 3D Model for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
{164 Mb}
WMV Making of Safety Cone 3D Model for Daz Studio 4 (DS4)
PART 1          PART 2

This complete training package is provided free of charge and will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a Safety Cone prop completely within and using only DAZ Studio 4.8 functions.  It consists of a 55-page fully illustrated guide in PDF format along with 40-minutes of video instructions in MP4/WMV formats demonstrating all techniques covered for this lesson using DAZ Studio.  Scroll down to read more about this introductory training package.

Topics Covered
* Overview
* Create the Body
* Create the Lip
* Create the Base
* Add Color
* Save As Scene
* Final Adjustments
* My DAZ 3D Library
* Export / Import OBJ File
* Save As Prop
* Testing
* Conclusion

Videos cover every step of the creation process.

You won't believe what can be done completely within DAZ Studio
without the need for any other 3D applications or special tools.

Learn modeling within DAZ Studio using the Geometry Editor.

Includes detailed step-by-step instructions on how to load and modify
primitive shapes in DAZ Studio to create stand-alone 3D objects.

See how to combine individual shapes into a single prop.

Learn how to colorize your creations in DAZ Studio
and save them as DAZ Studio Props to use anytime.

You will be amazed how easily you can create model meshes.

Colorize and save your creation as a DAZ Studio prop in the Content Library.

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