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Finding Your Content In DAZ Studio 4.6

Free fully illustrated colorful 44-page tutorial in PDF format.

You may be asking yourself, "Why can’t I find anything I have installed?"  Don’t let that get you down, because once you know where to look for your 3D content and why it is there, you will be able to find it faster.  For those of you tempted to respond with "anyone can perform a search", we say you are absolutely correct.  However, once the search results are returned, many DS users become a slave to the search engine because they do not know how to analyze/interpret the results.   DAZ Studio has been updated through the years to offer more features and a professional looking user interface to keep pace with technology.  With version 4, the Smart Content tab was added to DAZ Studio which means just another place to look for your content.  But it’s not all that bad, and once you are accustomed to using it, you will find it quite nice.


Without getting into the technical reasons for separating content into the two tabs “Smart Content” and “Content Library”, suffice it to say that if you are installing content with metadata it will appear in the Smart Content tab.  Additionally, digital artists creating “works for hire” can significantly increase the efficiency of their production pipeline by learning to use both tabs in unison.



We recommend (especially for new users)
using the DAZ Install Manager (DIM)
to install content for use in DAZ Studio.


Even though DAZ has an organizational plan for DS specific content, in most cases they allow the content creator to decide where content is to be located in the hierarchy.  The reason for this is most likely because when content is created, many of the files have dependencies on other files and have links to the location where they were originally placed by the content creator.  Here is where you might expect to find content designed specifically for Genesis:

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