User Guide
Vindex: Video Indexing Guide
for Dreamlight's Hexagon Revisited

Are you eager to learn?  Do you get tired of wading through all of those video tutorials you purchased using your file explorer app?  Welcome to Vindex!  This guide was designed to be easy to use and eliminate some of the frustration encountered with video-based tutorials.
It's simple!  Just download and unzip the files for this Vindex into the same folder/directory where you saved the downloaded video tutorials for Hexagon Revisted.  For this Vindex to work properly, you will need to follow the instructions (see last image below) included in the guide.
To make things even easier, just create a shortcut on your desktop (or anywhere you like) to the Vindex .html file to access the guide and conveniently start/resume your training sessions.

*****  Here are the screen shots of what the body of this Vindex looks like. *****


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