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Where Did It Go?
Finding Your Content In DS 4.6
Finding Content In DAZ Studio 4.8
Get Your FREE Copy From RenderosityUpdated PDF Guide with MP4/WMV Video Tutorials

Why are we offering the "Where Did It Go?" tutorial for FREE?  We are confident that you will be so impressed with this guide that you will want to upgrade to the latest PDF which includes accompanying videos in MP4 and WMV formats.  As an added bonus, the new PDF guide has clickable links to each of the related videos.  Click the Read More button above for more info...


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When the Studio*Master version was released, one of our customers wrote the following:
"What is the difference between this product and the older product "Where did it go for DAZ 4.6" that I previously purchased?  They appear to be essentially the  same and your website says this has replaced it.  Are there enough differences between the products to support upgrading?  If so what are they?"
We listed an index of the changes and videos included, but our response was basically:
"...updated for DS4.8 and now includes 8 WMV/MP4 video segments covering most material..."
The customer purchased the STUDIO*MASTER release and wrote back again with this:
"Thanks, this is definitely worth upgrading to...
Keep up the great work.  Absolutely love your products!!"
For the hard working staff at Winterbrose, it just doesn't get any better than that, enjoy...

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