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Daz BUCK (Zygote Animals)

2016-Mar-11, just when you think that you have found all of the free contributions from some of the greatest artists in the Poser/DazStudio community, another treasure is uncovered. Even if you have not purchased the Daz Buck or do not need it, we want to thank Lyne's Creations for providing an updated UV Map / Textures for the Daz Buck along with morphs (including Doe and Fawn) and a whole lot of poses for absolutely FREE!
Daz Buck Doe Fawn with New UV Map from Lyne's Creations

Before purchasing the Daz Buck, you may want to read the next paragraph.  If you want to go ahead and purchase the Daz Buck, you can visit it's product page by clicking here:  Daz Buck

If you had an account with DAZ3D or were a member of the Platinum Club sometime around 2008, you may already own the Daz Buck.  It was previously sold as Product Code ps_an011 Buck and installed under the Zygote Animals folder.  The current version is SKU 334 Buck which installs under the DAZ Animals folder.

Daz Buck Product Page Comparisons

Other than the type of install file (EXE vs ZIP), you can see that both versions had the same basic imagery.

Daz Buck Old Product Code vs New Sku Number

We quickly scanned the actual installed
files.  Other than the folder locations, for the most part the filenames, sizes, and dates were all about the same.  You can see the comparison of the OBJ geometry files below.

Daz Buck Compare Old vs New Files

The differences between the original UV's and texture maps are well worth the time to convert the Daz Buck to the new files provided by Lyne's Creations.  Get your copy here:  Lyne's Creations Deer Family


Visit Lyne's Creations
Lyne's Creations

Daz Buck - Lyne's Buck

Daz Buck - Lyne's Doe

Daz Buck - Lyne's Fawn

Visit Lyne's Creations
Lyne's Creations

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