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2014-Dec-04, Does the thought of all this 3D stuff have you wondering if there is anything you can do in 3D?  Today 3D and computer graphics are used in many of the great films (not just animations) to bring movies to the big screen like never before.  Not to mention those awesome console games and online gaming.  With 3D it seems that if you can imagine it, then it can be created (at least in the virtual world of 3D).  If you want to explore the possibilities of 3D for yourself, then you will need to become familiar with what 3D can do for you and decide if and how to become the next great 3D Artist.  You will find information in this guide to help get you started by introducing much of the general information and questions that most people think about before beginning their own 3D quest.  Our goal is to encourage each and everyone who reads this to enter some field in the 3D industry.

2014-Dec-03, When they knock you down, just get up and make any necessary adjustments to press on and continue to become the artist you know you can be.  I just cannot believe how many times I have had a new forum topic that I initiated on one of the "big" company sites removed because the forum overlords dubbed it against their rules.  This has happened for many different reasons which I will now example.  On one occasion my new topic was removed because they did not like the fact that it linked to a free product which required the requestor to register for.  The forum admin called it a "subscription" page and said that was not allowed.  Yet to get any of the free items published in emails and promos from their site, you must establish an account with them to download the free product.  Brings to mind the old saying, "Do as I say and not as I do".  You can see how treatment like that left me dazzled and confused.  The sad fact is that until you are financially independent or so popular that they need you, you will just have to keep your mouth shut and live with it.  The goal after all is to  get established in the market if you plan on making a good living with the products or services you offer. To learn the most and get networked with other artists, stay involved in the forums, chat rooms and message boards as much as time permits.  You may not be able to avoid the double standards but you can learn to recover and press on for your own good.

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2014-Oct-01,  Many people go out and spend big bucks on books to help learn how to use their computer to begin modeling in 3D.  This is fine if you get the right book to get you started, however I strongly suggest you first decide what software application you like most or feel most comfortable with before making any costly purchases.  There are many excellent programs available like Maya, Lightwave or Vue which allow you to create incredible models, scenes and even animations.  However, all this power and capability come at a price.  If you are not a student or have no professional reasons for purchasing a particular application like one of these, then I suggest you start with some of the freely available software easily downloaded from the internet to get your feet wet.  There are so many choices to get started and each will depend on exactly what you wish to accomplish after you get more experienced.  These include Blender, trueSpace, Vue Pioneer, Wings3D, Sketchup and the POV-Ray/Moray combo.  Just use your favorite search engine to get the information and links you need.  Even though a little difficult to get accustomed to, I recommend Blender for anyone from beginner to expert.  Blender is a free professional level modeling program that many people enjoy once they get used to it and there are many tutorials freely available to help you out in that area.  Versions include Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solariz and Irix.  You can purchase many books to step you through the learning process.  Lastly, many web sites offer free models compatible with many of the modeling programs mentioned above that you can toy around with to start learning how 3d models are put together.
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