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Don't be fooled by the Kelp Hair product name! Even though this hair prop as designed for Victoria 4 (V4), Aiko 4 (A4), Michael 4 (M4) and Hiro 4 (H4), it can be used with characters for the Genesis 2 Female (G2F) and the Genesis 3 Female (G3F) from Daz3D. At the time of this writing, this item was available for free. Click the Product Page button above to visit the Daz3D product page to get your own copy of the SeaFolk KelpHair. This is a conforming hair figure with a crown prop. It was designed to match characters in the SeaFolk series but has many other uses as well. You can read the technique in the free PDF or watch the video demonstration on YouTube.
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CGAxis Elderberry Tree, download and convert the Wavefront OBJ version of the free CGAxis Elderberry Tree model into a usable Daz Studio prop that will appear in your Content Library. This quick reference guide will demonstrate the techniques needed to convert the model yourself.
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Common Morphing Mistakes with Daz Figures by Winterbrose Arts and Graphics, This fully illustrated guide lists five common mistakes artists make when creating morphs for Daz characters like the Genesis and Genesis 2 figures.  The items listed will save inexperienced users many unforeseen problems and may save you countless hours of re-working your project.  Includes link to video version to see exactly what is being discussed.
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Just $4.00


MORPHING GENESIS FIGURE with DAZ Studio 4.5 or 4.6 and Hexagon 2.5 MORPHING GENESIS-2-FEMALE with DAZ Studio 4.6 and Hexagon 2.5 MORPHING GENESIS-2-FIGURES with DAZ Studio and Sculptris (DSv4.6pro and SculptrisAlpha6) Pics, You're Perfect! for DAZ Studio 4
Studio*Master Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7 Studio*Master Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7
Swatch Maker Texturing Software for Windows Symple Art Design Software for Windows Ribbon Maker Texturing Software for Windows Color Select Software Rolow Windows OGU for Windows
TaME Texturing Software for Windows FREE das-RGB Software Seamless-Stamper Design Software for Windows FREE Flip-Flopper Software Content-Cataloger for Windows Content-Cataloger for Windows
FREE DownSizer Software for Windows FREE das-RGB Software

Bar Fight Poses
Bone Necklace & Earrings for V4
Bone Necklace

The Proposal Genesis

The Proposal Genesis2

Circus Cat Poses

Dragon Worlds Poses
samurai katana 3d model
Samurai Katana


Phrase-Maker DS4

Daz Script Controls

3D Callouts

nutcracker soldier classic rolow winterbrose Texture Set Penny Patterns v1 Texture Set Penny Patterns v2 Texture Set Penny Patterns v3
Texture Set Keywest Kolors v1http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=18425 Texture Set Keywest Kolors v2 Trendy Texture Kit v1RoLoW Winterbrose Texture Set DecoTile Gems v1 Spotlight Backgrounds FREE
Nifty Fifty V4 Victoria Basic Wear Daz 3D 50-piece Texture Set RoLoW Nifty Fifty V4 Victoria Bodysuit Daz 3D 50-piece Texture Set RoLoW Touch of Blue V4 rolow winterbrose OHMTextures c0001 OHMTextures c0002
Wild-n-Mild for Veranil V4 Wild-n-Mild for Veranil M4 Wild Couple for Veranil M4 & V4

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