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Grid-Maker v1
Grid Pattern Creator for Games, Print, Webpages or 3D Modeling
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Grid-Maker v1
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Grid-Maker was developed to enable artists, designers and game developers to quickly create multiple format grids to save/export in their product development processes.  Artists designing 3D models for renders/animations will find the Wavefront OBJect export useful as guides for placement and sizing mockups when performing content creation.

User Guide

Posing Reference

Seamless Hexagons
Quickly and easily create any of six (6) grid work designs.

SQUARE Standard               DIAMOND Geometric                 HEXAGON Flat  
SQUARE Brick                    DIAMOND Linear               HEXAGON Pointy  

Graphics Formats
Grids you create in Grid-Maker can be saved in any of the following formats:
  -- BMP (Windows Bitmaps)
  -- JPG (webpage or digital photo jpegs)
  -- PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  -- GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  -- TIF (Tagged Image File)

Grid-Maker Screenshot

Grid Styles and Colors
Here are some examples of varying styles/layouts and color selections.

3D Grid Models
Grid-Maker can export a 3D model of your grids in Wavefront OBJ / MTL format which is compatible with a wide range of rendering and animation software like Maya, Poser, 3DS Max, Daz Studio, Blender, Lightwave, ZBrush and more...

DazStudio3 and Michael4 with Gridbox {No Postwork}

DazStudio3 and Victoria4 with Gridbox {No Postwork}

DazStudio4 and Genesis with Gridbox {No Postwork}

Poser6 and James with Gridbox {No Postwork}

Poser7 and Simon with Gridbox {No Postwork}

Poser8 and Andy with Gridbox {No Postwork}

More Grid Examples

System Requirements
• Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
• 1 GHz Pentium class or compatible
(2 GHz or faster recommended)
• 1 GB system RAM
(4 GB or more recommended)
• 24-bit color display, 1024 x 768 resolution

• Sorry, GRID-MAKER v1 is available only for PC.

The purchase of Grid-Maker v1 software entitles the original purchaser to a non-transferrable single user license for the Grid-Maker software package to be installed and used on a single computer system. Grid-Maker software is not authorized to be used for projects that violate copyright and trademark laws. Purchasers will receive their personalized serial number from the reseller where purchased or directly from Winterbrose.

Please read this section carefully before purchasing Grid-Maker. All sales are final! No refunds on purchased software! Every computer system has a unique hardware and software configuration. Under certain conditions, Grid-Maker may impact or be impacted by your system's particular configuration. Therefore, all users are highly encouraged to download the Demo Version of Grid-Maker to test drive the program for compatibility with your computer system BEFORE purchasing a copy of the software.

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