3D Model Texture Set

Color Of Money Allosaurus
for DAZ 'Saurs Allosaurus

We were just having a little fun applying some textures from the OHMT collection to this model.  It may look pseudo-realistic, but it demonstrates what you can do applying textures you have created or obtained onto your own 3D models.

This product is FREE for Commercial and Personal Use subject to the License
.  If you download/save and use the full-size texture template below, credits are not required to Winterbrose but would be greatly appreciated if you choose to include them with your works.


Unfortunately, DAZ3D only provides a texture template that is 1024 x 1024
even though the Allosaurus model requires and uses one that is 3000 x 3000.
Winterbrose has created the full-size template required to successfully texture
and utilize the Allosaurus model for your own projects as shown below.

Click the picture above to view/save full-size template or click the Download button
to get the ZIP file with
the Full-Size Template for use in your own projects.

Best viewed at
1024 x 768
or higher.
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