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Quickfill Texture Template (QTT)
Design Your Own Styles for Veranil Outfit for Michael 4

Just $5.00

Great for Novices and Pros alike!

This QTT package contains pre-designed templates to facilitate rapid development of new styles for the Veranil M4 Outfit (Shirt, Pants, Vest and Shoes). Includes a 20-page illustrated guide to get your styles from being just an idea to something vyou can use, share or sell!

Quickfill Texture Templates were designed for content creators and end-users to quickly develop new styles for the Veranil Clothing for Michael 4. This package includes layout maps for locating texture placement on the 3D model for each clothing item. Four different template types are provided for each clothing item to accommodate various experience levels and graphics applications. Stitching templates are included to meet high-quality standards established by brokers/resellers for your own product submissions. New styles can be created using any graphics application compatible with PNG files.

  • Templates and Layouts provided in PNG format
    • Compatible with most graphics applications
    • Maintains quality throughout development process
    • Supports transparency which is essential to designing styles

  • Two Texture Location Layout Maps for each Clothing Item (8 total)
    • Layout Black & White
    • Layout Color Coded

  • Four Templates for each Clothing Item (16 total)
    • White on Black background
    • Transparent on Black background
    • Black on White background
    • Color-coded on Black background

  • Stitching Templates Included to Save You Time & Money
    • Black Stitching and White Stitching on Transparent Backgrounds
    • Selectable and fillable with your own color/pattern choices

  • Create Your Own Styles
    • For Your Own Renders and/or Animations
    • To Share with friends, family and associates
    • To Copyright, Package and Sell to Other

  • 20-Page Illustrated User Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Describes Package Contents and how to use
    • Demonstrates using QTT with MS Paint, Photoshop and the GIMP
    • Demos include basics on how to make
      • Beachbum Santa  It can be used with lower-end "paint" programs like MS-Paint
      • Tie-dye Shirt
      • Leopard Pajamas

Choose Your Own Development Environment

can be used with lower-end "paint" programs like MS-Paint, but was designed for best results when used with higher-end graphics applications which provide flood-fill capability for colors and patterns such as Photoshop, The GIMP, Project Dogwaffle, Paintshop Pro, etc...  The QTT package now includes both Photoshop (PSD) and GIMP (XCF) layered image documents to enhance your style design workflow.

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1024 x 768
or higher.
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