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my QT styles Designer Kit for dForce Straps Bodysuit G8F in Daz Studio by Winterbrose. In less than an hour, using this Quickfill Template designer kit you will learn how to easily create your very own styles for the dForce Straps Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Female by artist RainbowLight. You will learn how to quickly create solid colored styles using direct application or quickfill templates. You will also learn how to use the quickfill templates to create patterned styles using properly sized texture images. As a bonus, you will also learn about transparency maps and how to apply them to clothing. This package includes 1) Tutorial guides to teach you what you need to know for solid color or textured styles, TUT00 Getting Started, Daz Studio Layout/Style Settings (04 page PDF), TUT01 Finding dForce Straps Bodysuit in Daz Studio (02 page PDF), TUT02 Analyzing Surface Groups for Proper Texturing (13 page PDF), TUT03 Using Solid Colors Directly or with Quickfill Templates (13 page PDF), TUT04 Using Texture Images Directly or with Quickfill templates (14 page PDF), TUT05 Using Transparency Maps Directly or with Quickfill templates (15 page PDF). 2) Pre-made templates to significantly improve your workflow and cut project development time, Provided as GIMP XCF and Photoshop PSD layered image files. 3) One-dozen full-size textures sized 4096x4096 in JPG format to get you started, Includes texture and transparency images in Abstract, Geometric, and Psychodelics.