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Power of Primitives
(aka Smartphone)

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Daz Studio Settings Guide

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This cell phone model was created completely in Daz Studio without the need for any other applications!  If you already know how to use, scale, and modify primitive shapes, then you can watch the video on YouTube to create this base model.

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You can watch the overview here, or scroll down to read more about it.

If you need additional assistance with scaling and positioning of primitives, then please consider purchasing the fully-illustrated PDF which includes all of the settings that are required to create a more complete Cell Phone all within Daz Studio.  

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Purchasers of the settings guide also receive the license to use their completed base model as the basis for new model designs subject to terms of included license agreement.

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Steps to create a Cell Phone (aka Smartphone)
- Open Daz Studio 4.xx and start with a New Scene
- Make shape for the phone by creating new primitive Cube
- Select Cube in Scene tab and apply SubD modifier (subdivision)
- Scale rounded cube shape to appropriate size
- Export as OBJ with filename "Cellphone.obj"
- Import saved OBJ
- Use Geometry Editor to define Face Group and Surfaces
- Colorize all object surfaces in Surfaces tab
- Export again as OBJ overwriting previous object

If you require easy to follow step-by-step training covering the creation of static props inside Daz Studio, please consider purchasing Volume 1: Create Static Models in our Modeling Made Simple (MMS) series for Daz Studio.

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The MMS product includes eight (8) training modules with over 2-hours of HD video sized at 1280x720 in both MP4 and WMV formats. We cover all aspects of model design and creation within Daz Studio. Once you have completed your own creation, we show you how to save it as a Daz Prop so you can load it directly from the Content Library. Our "proof in the pudding" is that all of the promo images for this product were created using the techniques that we will teach you. During this course, you will learn how to use shapes to create the Classic Dart and Basic Sword. There is no limit to what static models you can create; just use your imagination and begin modeling.

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