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The first issue of Studio Spotlight eZine is FREE online here just scroll down to read complete publication.  Topics covered are: Becoming a 3D Artist, Sex Sells, Flipping Textures in Daz Studio, and Product Review of Abandoned Station model.  Coverpage artwork for this issue by artist 1971s.  For our patrons, you can download for free the full-size colorfully illustrated PDF format of SSe, MP4 video of Flipping Textures tutorial and Sample Texture used from our Patreon page.

Studio Spotlight eZine
Volume 01, Issue 001
Copyright 2020, Winterbrose Arts and Graphics.
All Rights Reserved.

Studio Spotlight eZine is a publication of WAaG to provide tips, tricks, insights, and highlight products that we find worthy for our customers using the DAZ STUDIO and POSER rendering and animation applications for 2D and 3D.  The products we review will be valuable additions to any content library for Poser/Daz Studio users. * Cover page image used with permission from artist 1971s.
Table of Contents
Becoming a 3D Artist
Sex Sells In The Market
Flipping Textures in Daz Studio
Product Review

BECOMING A 3D ARTIST {This article extracted from publication Breaking Into 3D Daz Studio Edition}

Every potential 3D artist asks, “Where should I start?”  If you have been formally educated at a college/university, then you may already have some sense of what you would like to do.  Some of your choices are Graphics Design, Web Graphics, Digital Art, 3D Modeling, Online Advertising, Media Marketing, Animations and much more.  However, if you are just starting out with 3D or just don’t have a clue what you want to pursue, then we would highly suggest you start by just “playing” with some of the freely available 3D applications listed below.  To get started, you should consider getting the latest version of the products tagged below as “free”:

    Artwork & Animation:    Daz Studio {free} or Poser {paid}
    Modeling & Morphing:    Blender {free} or ZBrush {paid}
    Painting & Graphics:    The GIMP {free} or Photoshop {paid}

The names provided are not a comprehensive list by any means, but just ones to “get your feet wet” and see what 3D is all about.  If you know someone who has recommended some other application (and is willing to help you), then by all means go that route.  If you don’t like something on the list, just use your favorite search engine to peer into that galactic universe called the internet.  Be sure to use search words for the category you are interested in and something will pop up.

A good place to start selling would be at Renderosity {recommended} or Daz3D.  Please review the contributing artist guidelines at each to decide for yourself.  A digital artist selling products at Daz is referred to as a “Published Artist” (PA) while at Renderosity they are each referred to as a “Vendor”.


Once you discover what part of 3D interests you most, you may (and most likely will) need to purchase software, books and even system enhancements (like hardware) to be successful in the 3D Community.  For the most part though, you can start 3D without any real cost other than a good computer system or laptop.


This ideology that “Sex Sells” may or may not be a comfortable feeling for you.  However, if the idea just doesn’t agree with you, don’t let that stop you from being the artist that you are destined to become.

No matter how you cut it, when it comes to selling 3D products (or just about any other thing), sexually oriented content means greater sells. By sexually oriented, we mean that the promotional images or the item itself contains what one might determine as a sexy figure (usually females) either scantily dressed or in the nude (naked).  Just remember that “nude” in and of itself does not necessarily mean sexually explicit, but that is more often the exception and not the rule.

Stick To Your Beliefs

No one else needs to know what your beliefs are, just do it the way you were intended to do it.  It is pretty obvious which artists do not care about the level of sexual orientation used in their creations and artwork.  The problem is that more often than not it is the liberal artists who tend to frown upon and even shun artists who proclaim their stand against sexually explicit selling.

You can still be creative and sell your stuff while the whole time sticking to your personal beliefs.  Only you can decide which path to follow, so choose the path that leads both to what you need or want to accomplish and what you believe to be your moral compass.

for Daz Studio Users

Posing Made Simple
Advanced Posing
Saving Perfect Poses


Flipping textures is usually done on flat or plane-type objects (like backgrounds). Flipping can be done of other shapes, but you may have to adjust other transformations and the tiling and offset to make them look right. To Flip the textures on an object, we must use the Scale controls to make this happen. First, be sure to select the object in the Scene tab.  However, for the purposes of this training, we are going to create a primitive Cube and apply our sample texture.

You can easily apply textures to objects within Daz Studio. Here we have applied our sample texture to the Cube.

As you can see, it needs some adjustments because we want the complete face to show the texture. We will have to use the Horizontal/Vertical Tiles and Offset controls to adjust and manipulate them on the object.

If the scale controls (or any other controls) are not visible, then you must enable Show Hidden Properties. In the upper-left of the panel, click the Options button.

On the popup menu, click Preferences and select Show Hidden Properties (if it is not checked).

Horizontal Flipping

After applying the desired texture to the surface of the object, simply select the node in the Scene tab and then change the Parameter for X-Scale to -100.00 (that is a negative one-hundred percent).


Vertical Flipping

After applying the desired texture to the surface of the object, simply select the node in the Scene tab and then change the Parameter for Y-Scale to -100.00 (that is a negative one-hundred percent).


If the object you are working with has its primary axis on other than the Z-axis, then you will have to use the other two axi to adjust the texture.

PRODUCT REVIEW Abandoned Station by 1971s

In this edition, we discuss the Abandoned Station model and props created by artist 1971s for both Poser and Daz Studio.  This awesome looking product is a perfect add-on for environments similar to the Ready Player One movie.

{untouched Iray render in Daz Studio}

This set includes 13 different items.  You can even use the props to supplement and enhance other digital creations.  Items include things like platforms, barrel, telephone poles, sign, and steps. Don't miss out and add this awesome looking set to your content library.  The Daz Studio version also includes the Scene preload shown below as the first thumbnail.

You can watch the video preview of this product for Daz Studio on YouTube.


For those of you who are interested in purchasing either version of this product, here are the links:

Abandoned Station for Daz Studio

Abandoned Station for Poser


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