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SELLING YOUR 3D CREATIONS for Poser and Daz Studio
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This lecture will cover the basic things that new 3D artists will need to know before they sell their Poser and Daz Studio creations online.

       Selling Your 3D Creations for Poser and Daz Studio by Winterbrose Arts and Graphics. Items like Models, Poses, Clothes, Textures, and Tutorials.     

In this short presentation, we cover the basic things that new 3D artists will need to know or research before they sell their Poser and Daz Studio creations online.
Topics covered include:
1. Vendor versus Broker
2. Where To Sell
3. Exclusivity
4. Pricing Your Product
5. Commissions and Fees
6. Promotional Materials
7. Marketing and Ads
8. Insights

1. Vendor versus Broker
Learn the difference between a vendor site and a broker site.  Discover which pays more and who establishes the guidelines for publication. Sites like Daz3D, Renderosity, and RenderHub.

VENDOR vs. BROKER. For Vendor, You control almost everything, vendor provides online store with your product(s) including the promo images and description that you create. Vendor collects money and withholds certain fees from the purchased price. For instance, on PayLoadz an item priced at $10 will cost you $1 in fees and Net you $9 from the sell. For Broker, Broker controls everything with guidelines; broker provides online store with your product(s), you provide promo images and description, broker will test and  require changes if needed. Broker collects money from sells and withholds its commission (usualy 50% or more) from purchase price.  For instance,  at Daz3D an item priced at $10 will cost you $5 in fees and Net you $5 from the sell.

2. Where To Sell
Learn which site may be best for your 3D creations using Poser, Daz Studio, or generic formats.  Sites like Renderosity for Poser, Daz3D for Daz Studio, and general coverage sites like RenderHub, Payloadz, and Payhip.
WHERE TO SELL. 10%, 50% or 80% net return...the choice is yours... For Poser, Renderosity is now the offical Poser site since the shutdown of Content Paradise. For Daz Studio, Daz3D is the first source for DS since they are the developers of Daz Studio. For General, For non-specific or Poser/DazStudio products, RenderHub is a nice choice because of its tiered commissions; and you also have PayLoadz and Payhip.

3. Exclusivity
Learn what it means for your product to be exclusive including the benefits and draw backs.
EXCLUSIVITY. Exclusive, Just like it sounds, this means that you cannot sell your product anywhere else except with this broker.   And yes, that means not even your own private store on sites like Payloadz or Payhip. Non-Exclusive, This method offers you the most flexibility to sell your product on as many sites as you desire (that are also non-exclusive).   Unless you start out with a mega-hit successful product (which we all think our products are), this doesn't limit you  to only one outlet.

4. Pricing Your Product
Learn how to determine what price to set or suggest for your products.  Discover that your value and marketplace pricing may be different depending on the broker you choose.
PRICING. Market Value, The price you ask for an item should be a result of its 3D quality (workmanship) and popularity of type.  This is hard to solidly define and predict unless you know exactly what people want. Minimums or Changes, Unlike vendors where you can set the price, most brokers will either have minimum prices for the type of item, or the authority to change the price you asked for.  So don't be surprised if the published price does not match what you desired.

5. Commissions and Fees
Learn the basic commission rate you will receive from sells of your products.  Learn which brokers and/or vendors give the biggest return to you.  Is it Daz3D, Renderosity, or RenderHub?
COMMISSION. What is commission? This is how much of the final selling price that you receive when one of your creations is sold. Range of Percentages, Most 3D brokerages will offer a commission of 50%, which means that after the sell price minus any disoucnt and coupons, you get half of thefinal  selling price.   YES, the final selling price.  However, some brokers like Rendo offer higher returns for software products (70%) and other like RenderHub used tiered returns based upon number of products (50%, 60%, 70%, 80%).

6. Promotional Materials
Learn who must create all of the verbage to describe your product.  Learn who must create the promotional images (often called promo's) and what size and formats are required.
PREPPING PROMO's. It may sound odd (and is), but you must create all marketing material. Description, Include as much info as potential buyer needs to read and want to purchase. Key Words, Use as many good key words as will get you lots of hits in search engines. Imagery, Yes, you have to create all of the images needed for the product page.  Size and format are determined by brokers and vendors, and there may be more rules.

7. Marketing and Advertising (ads)
Learn what marketing you get for free and what you might have to pay for.  Learn that you are responsible for coordinating with your broker for more product coverage.
MARKETING. Brokerages, You usually receive an initial ad spot for new releases, however after this it is up to you to coordinate with the marketing department to keep you product in the spotlight. The BIG Hit, If you are lucky enough to get a 3D product published that is super successful in the marketplace, then you will find that you are getting all kinds of free marketing and advertising (because the broker is making money off this too).  You can also buy ad spots with some brokers.

8. Insights
Learn what to prepare for before entering the 3D market.  Learn how to minimize negative feelings and who to turn to for help.
INSIGHTS. You will never know if you could succeed if you don't try it! Network with other artists for support and great advice. Be prepared to hurt a little (or a lot) until you get established. Don't try to do everything, create the things that you are interested in and like.

9. Conclusion
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Selling Your 3D Creations for Poser and Daz Studio by Winterbrose Arts and Graphics. We hope that you enjoyed this video presentation.  Please support the creation of lectures like this by visiting our website and purchasing one or more products that interest you. If you cannot find anything, then please spread the word about us by telling your friends, family and associates.

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