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File Finder DS for Windows
Can't Find That DAZ Studio File You Are Looking For?

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File Finder DS for Windows
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Please Read Before Purchase
System RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with .NET Framework 3.5
Your computer should be fully updated from Microsoft Windows Update.  This application is provided in ZIP archive format.  For installer versions available from some vendors, it is recommended that you disable your antivirus and firewall software before you launch the installer for this application. This helps prevent interference from these security applications that could potentially corrupt the installation.  Make sure you are logged into a Windows account with full admin rights. If you are using an account with limited rights, execution, installation, activation or registration (if applicable) of this application may not work properly.
To maximize search results, you must have full read/write access or use Run As Administrator for this application.

Sure you could manually search for DAZ Studio files or even use Windows Explorer's search box.  And what will you get from all that effort?  A simple list of matching files that you can't share with anyone or save so that you don't have to go through it all again.

File Finder DS is an advanced and refined search tool to assist in finding DAZ Studio related files by filetype (extension) or specific text contained within filenames.  Search results can be output as plain TEXT which can be saved/shared or web browser compatible HTML files with hyperlinks to both the file found and the folder containing it.

Ever find yourself looking for that special DSA script file or perhaps a recent DUF that doesn't seem to appear anywhere within DAZ Studio?  Then File Finder DS to the rescue!  With the right level of access and looking in the right places, no file can hide from your peering eyes.



Where Do I Search?
Search Anywhere or Everywhere; thoroughly check every file and folder or limit the scope of your search to where you think it will be.
Choosing root directories may result in very long search times.

What Should I Look For?
You need to know the filetype (extnsion) you are looking for or all or part of the filename.

Do you have trouble remembering all those extension types?  No worries; File Finder's built-In reference listing means no need to remember what each filetype is for.  Short descriptions included for 16 different filetypes used with DAZ Studio:
.daz .dso .dsd .dsv .ds .dsa .dsb .dse .dsf .duf .dsx .dsi .dcb .dbm .dbc .dbl

If you only know the name or some portion, use the Text Search to find any matching files.

How Should I Save The Results?
You can select either plain TEXT or web-page HTML output.  The format you choose will depend on how you plan to use or share the search results.  Search results include number of matches found and a comprehensive listing of matching filenames and specific filepath location.

- Output using TEXT includes filename and full filepath
- Output using HTML includes hyperlinks to both the files and folders

The HTML output is compatible with most popular web browsers.

5-Steps To Find What You Need
1) Select the folder/directory where you want to search.
2) Select the filetype/extension or text you are searching for.
3) Select the folder and filename to hold your search results.
4) Select your desired output type:  TEXT or HTML.
5) Click the SEARCH button to find what you are looking for.

Real-World Examples
Here are the TEXT and HTML search results for a real search for any files of filetype ".dsb" in the folder/directory "C:\Program Files (x86)" on a machine using DAZ Studio.

The purchase of File Finder DS software entitles the original purchaser to a non-transferrable single-user single-instance license for the  software package to be installed on any computer system but to be executing on only a single computer system at any point in time. File Finder DS software is not authorized to be used for projects that violate copyright and trademark laws.   Purchasers will receive their personalized serial number from the reseller where purchased or directly from Winterbrose.

Please read this section carefully before purchasing File Finder DS. All sales are final! No refunds on purchased software! Every computer system has a unique hardware and software configuration. Under certain conditions, File Finder DS may impact or be impacted by your system's particular configuration. Therefore, all users are highly encouraged to download the Demo Version (if available) to ensure compatibility with your computer system BEFORE purchasing a copy of the software.

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