Seamless Textures

Collection 1

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O.H.M.Textures Collection 1 is a set of 495 seamless 64x64 textures in BMP, JPG, TIF and PNG formats from five different categories to enhance just about any project you can think of.  Click above to get the complete set or scroll down to click only the sets you are interested in. These textures are FREE for Commercial and Personal Use subject to the License in the User's Guide.

Crimson and Clay, Volume 1
99 textures in crimson shades for
colorful projects with redish hues.

CACv0001 Textures

Color of Money, Volume 1
99 colorful textures ideal for use on
monetary objects whenever you can afford.

  COMv0001 Textures

The Dark Side, Volume 1
99 subdued textures for the gothic
or deep space adventurer in you.

  TDSv0001 Textures

Touch of Blue, Volume 1
99 colorful textures with a blue theme
to set the mood in every project.

  TOBv0001 Textures

Wallpaper and Cloth, Volume 1
99 textures useful for 3D clothing or objects,
OS desktops, or scrapbooking paper.

  WACv0001 Textures

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