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Seamless-Stamper Texture Patterns
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Seamless-Stamper Texture Patterns

This set of 9 original 512x512 seamless textures was created with Seamless Stamper for Windows and colorized using The GIMP.  Seamless Stamper was designed as a prep-work utility to generate foundational designs for post-work in your favorite high-level graphics applications like Photoshop, The GIMP, Project Dogwaffle, Paintshop Pro and more. Seamless Stamper works by treating the canvas as a continuous work surface in all directions with auto wrap-around.  This app is a great addition to any graphics toolbox.  A complete set of 20 basic stamps are included to enable first-time users to create works within minutes.  Create your own custom stamps to enhance your projects uniqueness, or simply import stamp images available for free at many websites. Read more about Seamless Stamper for Windows here.

These textures are FREE for Commercial and Personal Use subject to the License Agreement

Just take a look at the examples below to see how you can enhance images of your own products or artistic works.  Click on any image to see larger version with more details.




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