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The Beginner's Guide to Environments for Daz Studio 4

Fully Illustrated Tutorial


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WOW, all of this information for just $2.00 in fully illustrated step-by-step instructions provided as standard PDF format.
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After hours of hard work and frustration, you have finally gotten your character looking perfect with the right clothing and poses.  But wait a minute, you just completed your render only to find that your character is floating in space!  What you need now is the perfect environment suited for your character's style. You could make your own environment from scratch but that would just be crazy.  This guide will show you how to use the free items included with DAZ Studio to get you started creating your own environments.  It will also cover many of the popular environment sets with demonstrations that include products created by some of 3D's top artists including LaurieS, Moyra, Flipmode, Stonemason, Ajax, and Moebius87.  Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from no surroundings for your characters to the creating a wide variety of natural and city environments in no time.  This guide is fully illustrated in PDF format covering terms and techniques you need to know to start creating your own environments for rendered scenes.

Overview for the fully-illustrated version of The Beginner's Guide to Environments for Daz Studio 4

* Tutorial Overview:
  - 105-Pages Fully Illustrated
  - Popular PDF Format
  - Step-by-Step Instructions
  - Prepared with DAZ Studio 4.6
* Getting Started:
  - Preparing DAZ Studio Layout/Style
  - Resource Links to Available Environments
* Loading Environment Props:
  - Finding Items in Smart Content
  - Finding Items in Content Library
* Learn Terms and Techniques:
  - Using Props and Materials
  - Applying Lights and Shadows
  - Skydome, Skybox and EnvironmentSphere
  - Custom Adjustments for Personalized Scenes
* Create Environments with:
  - Starter Essentials
  - Multiplane Cyclorama
  - Dystopia City
  - Other Popular Sets

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