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with DAZ Studio 4.6 and Hexagon 2.5
Morphing Genesis Figure with Daz Studio and Hexagon

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Required Products:
DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro & Hexagon 2.5

A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own morphs for the Genesis-2-Female to use and sell.  Each step of the process from beginning to end is explained with detailed illustrations and examples.  This tutorial is designed for all skill levels from beginner to professional.  Use it as a learning tool to develop your morphing skills, or keep it as a handy technical reference when you need to brush up on your skills.  The tutorial is in PDF format and includes a table of contents and quick reference guide.

* 98 Pages, Fully Illustrated in PDF format

* Topics Covered:
  - DAZ Studio and Hexagon
    ~ Important Rules and Resolutions
    ~ Send To Hexagon
    ~ Prepping Genesis 2 Female
    ~ Saving .HXN Morphs
    ~ Send to Daz Studio
  - Transforming the Mesh
    ~ Mesh Components
    ~ Manipulator Modes
    ~ Translating, Rotating & Scaling
    ~ Multiple Selections
  - Sculpting the Mesh
    ~ Displacement Tool
    ~ Soften Brush
    ~ Pinch and Inflate Brushes
  - Creating, Testing and Saving Morphs
    ~ Morph Parameters and Categories
    ~ Adjust Rigging and the ERC Freeze
    ~ Finding and Saving Your Morph
  - Tips and Tricks to Common Problems

Here is a glimpse of the whole tutorial followed by 4 full page excerpts.

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