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 How-To Convert CGAxis Elderberry Tree
to Daz Prop for Use in Daz Studio

You can download and convert the Wavefront OBJ version of this tree model into a Daz Studio prop and it will appear in your Content Library. This beautiful tree model is part of the FREE 3D MODELS SET 2016 available from CGAxis without the need to register or provide an email:

You can use these techniques to convert any or all 10 included items.

Create Your Own DS Prop:  CGAxis Elderberry Tree
Copyright © 2016, Winterbrose Arts and Graphics.  All Rights Reserved.
This guide is licensed for Personal and Commercial Use.  Users may distribute/share unmodified copies of this guide as provided in PDF format.  Users may not sell, or include in packages for sell, copies of this guide.  Users may not claim ownership to any portion of this guide.  This guide is provided as-is without warranty/guarantee of any kind, and end-user is responsible for all consequences resulting from use of this guide.
*** Use of all 3D models is subject to original licensing from distributor. ***
Basically you cannot
redistribute, share or sell Daz Studio props created from
copyrighted materials without permission; and the license may authorize use
in creating your own digital artwork and animations created from renders.
Here are the steps you will need to perform in order to download and create your own Daz Studio version of this magnificent tree model:

1. Go to link above to get and unzip your copy of the 693 Mb into a folder of your choice.
    The 2016 set contains 10 unique items for free without any email or registration required.

2. Create a folder to hold your new prop after you have completed the conversion.
My DAZ 3D Library \ Props \ CGAxis \ Elderberry Tree
    We also used this location for the mesh (OBJ) and textures (diffuse, bump, opacity).
Create subfolders =  “\ Mesh” and  “\ Materials”

3. Copy files for Wavefront Object version (.obj and .mtl) of this model into “Mesh” folder:
“cgaxis_models_54_02.obj” and “cgaxis_models_54_02.mtl”

4. Copy files for various material/surface textures (.jpg) of model into “Materials” folder:
“cgaxis_models_54_02_01.jpg”,  “cgaxis_models_54_02_01_bump.jpg”,
“cgaxis_models_54_02_02.jpg”,  “cgaxis_models_54_02_02_bump.jpg”,
and “cgaxis_models_54_02_02_opacity.jpg”

5. Using Daz Studio, import your new object model and size it as Cararra (1 Unit = 1 Inch).

6. Rename “cgaxis_models_54_02” in the Scene tab as “Elderberry Tree”.

7. Select node in Scene tab, then open Surfaces panel and expand Elderberry Tree:
    a. Select surface “cgaxis_models_54_02_01” and use Browse function to find/apply
         first and second images respectively to the Diffuse Color and Bump Strength sections,
         and be sure to set Opacity Strength to 100%.
    b. Select surface “cgaxis_models_54_02_02” and use Browse function to find/apply
         last three images respectively to the Diffuse Color, Opacity Strength, and Bump Strength
         sections, and be sure to set Opacity Strength to 100%.

8. On main menu, select File -- Save As -- Support Asset -- Figure/Prop Assets…

    a. Browse to Props folder you created, type filename “Elderberry Tree.duf” and click save

    b. Vendor = “CGAxis”, Product = “DSprops”, Item = “Elderberry Tree”,
        Content Type = “Prop” then click Accept.

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