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FLIGHT CREW Characters
for Genesis 8 Male in Daz Studio

Pre-designed Characters for Daz Studio 4 FREE

This set of pre-load characters was compiled by WAaG to be used with our Flight Crew Poses for Genesis 8 designed for the StarJet vehicle and add-on Cockpit created by Kibarreto and sold at Daz3D:

     StarJet   https://www.daz3d.com/starjet
     Cockpit   https://www.daz3d.com/starjet-cockpit

Start your StarJet adventures out right with these seven scene pre-loads of male characters for the seats available in the cockpit: Captain, 1st Officer, Chief, Comm Engineer, Navigator, Security Chief, and Load Master.  Be sure you have the required items installed for each character before merging or loading the character into the scene.  All items are available from Daz3D.

My DAZ 3D Library\Scenes\Flight Crew Characters\...

...G8M-0_ReadMe.txt/.dsa (with .png and .tip thumbnails)
...G8M-1_Captain.duf (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-2_1st-Officer.duf  (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-3_Chief.duf  (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-4_SecurityChief.duf  (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-5_CommEngineer.duf  (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-6_NavigationSpec.duf  (with .png thumbnail)
...G8M-7_LoadMaster.duf  (with .png thumbnail)

Captain (Pilot)
Owen 8
Hellfire Outfit
Casual Spikes Hair

1st Officer (Co-Pilot)
Owen 8
Hellfire Outfit
Retro Hero Hair

Chief of Operations
Owen 8
Dark Prince Outfit

Security Chief
Darius 8
Oak Defender Outfit

Communications Engineer
Nix 8
Sci-Fi Settler Outfit
Nikan Hair and Beard

Navigation Specialist
Lee 8
Death Shadow Outfit
Short Mohawk Hair

Load Master
Brandon for Toon Dwayne 8
Hot Shot Outfit
Jian Hair

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