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Large Groups Script for Daz Studio

Just $16.95

This Daz Script helps you create formations for large groups of characters/props within the scene for your artwork or animations. With this script, you can form up your troops, vehicles, animals and other props quickly and easily with real-time viewport updating.  It's as simple as selecting the desired nodes and running the Formation-X script. Make adjustments to various parameters and see it happen immediately onscreen.

Formation 4, Bowling Pin: This is the classic triangle shape you see in bowling alleys for the pin setup. Our version has expanded upon this by continuing to grow the triangle to match the number of nodes selected. Just for some fun, how about a game of gnome bowling.

Formation 5, Circle: This formation type uses the classic "surround" a center point with characters, vehicles, or other props. It can be used for things like wedding dances, or being surrounded by an enemy or predator.

Formation 6, Diamond: This type is the classic hollow diamond formation. It can be used for a fleet of support ships surrounding a battleship or aircraft carrier; an assortment of escorts accompanying the supreme commander; or a marching band on the playing field.


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