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Barricades - The FORTRESS
for Daz Studio
Just $14.95

The Fortress props were developed so that you can assemble and construct fortified compounds with your own custom design layouts.  Use this set to surround your encampments, compounds, outposts, cities, mining camps, castle, and just about anything else.  Secure your living areas, working zones, and other important areas with the following twenty-two (22) piece set of protective walls, barriers, and accessories:  10 Wall segments, Straight and Corners,  7 Corridor segments including Bridge,  2 Gate Barrier segments with Open/Close, and 3 Platform Lift segments with Up/Down.  Interlocking wall units allow you to loosely gap or tightly butt each piece for the look you desire.  Each component has three material colors to fit into the color scheme of your scene design.


The barricade components have been sized to fit the Bubble Habitat series by Coflek-Gnorg, but are scaleable up or down to fit any scene you create.


Includes corridor walkways for security personnel and lookout guards to patrol the tops of your compound walls.  The Platform Lift includes a large topcap great for aerial vehicle landings, gun implacements, or missile launchers.  The Gate can be open, closed, or various levels between.


Includes the following eight Scene presets so you can begin creating your own Fortress immediately:

1-Piece Wall with Corridor
2-Piece Wall with Corridors
3-Piece Wall with Corridors
Gate with Bridge Crossing
Platform Lift Assembled
Standard Corner with Walls
Standard Corner with Corridors
Small Compound Enclosure


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1024 x 768
or higher.
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