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using Daz Studio 4

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To each, their own!  However, sometimes it is nice to get a creative boost, so we created this set of basic setup poses to help Daz Studio users configure the BHV1 in their scene.  If you want to move it about as a group, then be sure to parent everything to the T section first.  This set consists of 11 pose presets to arrange the following items: T section, Habitat, Habitat, Comm Array, Carpet, Sofa, Chair, Leg Rest, and Coffee Table.  First load each of the desired items, and then one-by-one select each item and apply its pose preset.  The T section and Habitat poses were designed to align the Bubble units.  The accessory poses were designed to match the living module once it is aligned with the T.  As a bonus (and because we wanted the TV to set higher), you can add a second Coffee Table and use pose 10 to place the coffee table, and then pose 11 to set the TV upon it.

If you haven't purchased the Bubble Habitat Vol1 yet, you can get it here.

If you need help installing and using it in Daz Studio 4, then get the free tutorial here.

Check out this simple piece of artwork below created using the Bubble Habitat Vol1 with the poses applied in Daz Studio 4.10 along with Genesis 2 Female and the Daz Dog 8.

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