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GREAT DANE Lovers Poses
for Daz Studio and Great Dane Breed (Daz Dog 8)

Just $9.95

This pose set is based upon our Everyday Dog Poses for Daz Dog 8, and has been customized to fit the scaling and morphs of the Great Dane breed. Use these day-to-day and favorite dog poses for your digital artwork with this wide variety of forty (40) poses.  This set contains everything from hilarious to down right serious.  You are sure to find something to meet your needs as a Great Dane lover. All of the poses are listed at the end of this page with a short description.


Angry = Angry dog
Ball Curl = Curled up on floor
Begging Push = Begging for treat/attention
Butt Scoot = Scooting on bottom
Curious = Curious hound
Dig = Digging a hole
Drink = Getting a drink
Ear Scratch = Scratching ear
Gator Roll = Rolling on back to stretch
Guilty = "I did it" look
Handshake = Shaking hand
Head Shake = Shaking head
Hop Back = Hopping back from something
Jump = Jump through air
Lay Look = Laying and looking at something
Lay Paws Crossed = Laying with paws crossed
Lay Side Stretch = Stretching on side
Lay Side = Laying down on side
Lay = Laying down on belly
Peeing1 = Hiking leg to urinate
Peeing2 = Squatting to urinate
Peering Over = Peering over fence or sofa
Playful Hunched = Leaning down and ready to play
Playful Pawing = Pawing at toy or someone's foot
Playful Roll = Rolling on back during playtime
Playful = Ready to play
Pointing = Pointing at rabbit, squirrel or game
Pooping = Deficating for relief
Prance = Showing off for dog show judges
Retreat = Backing off while scared
Roll Stretch = Rolling on back with full stretch
Run = Running Dog
Sit Attentive = Intently paying attention
Smell = Smelling the ground or an object
Sprint1 = Sprinting dog
Sprint2 = Sprint and leap across something
Stalking = Stalking someone or sneakily approaching
Tail Chase = After my own tail (again and again)
Tug = Tug o' war anyone
Yawn Stretch = Stretch and yawn

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