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for Daz Dog 8 and Daz Studio 4

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The K9 SPACE program, established in 2025, trains and outfits eligible Canine Cadets to travel through space to distant galaxies as companions and co-workers. In 2027, scientists discovered that certain breeds of dog have fur and skin genetics which can survive the vacuum of space for very short periods of time (usually less than 30-minutes).  Since the introduction of dogs into the space program, it has been determined that most canine cadets spend less than 1% of their working time in such hostile environments.  And for those that do, the periods of exposure almost never exceed the half-hour mark.  Based upon these circumstances, the decision was made to eliminate bulky full-coverage space suits for dogs.  It was soon realized that the monetary savings and other benefits justified this change in policy.  With advances in technology, the new lighter weight suits cost 75% less to manufacture and provide 1-hour more exploration time.  During recent planetary explorations, human companions realized that the sensitivity and dexterity of dog feet allowed canine cadets to warn team mates of ground tremors and possible impending quakes.

Daz Dog 8 is a space-bound hound and the K9 Space Cadet accessories will allow this canine to go where no other animal has gone before in deep space.  Each Cadet is issued a helmet and jetpack upon graduation from the K9 SPACE Academy.  This advanced space suit allows your dog to travel in space for up to 30-minutes at a time.  The helmet comes standard with polarized visor for eye protection and an oxygen filtering system with backup oxygen supply tank.  The helmet also employs the latest Hawking Eye Response System (HERS), named after physicist Stephen Hawking, so that the dog can control his movement through the vacuum of space by simply looking in the direction of travel.  The jetpack is equipped with non-flammable compressed fuel system and several low-burst directional thrusters for navigation in low and no gravity environments.  The jetpack also responds immediately to these HERS inputs to adjust throttle and burst of the rockets for precise movements of the dog in space.  With this outfit, your Daz Dog 8 is ready to explore the galaxy.

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