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using Poser 10+ or Daz Studio 4+

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The move to space and colonization of the planets has become a commercial endeavour that is not affordable by most. The richest and most successful realtors are now selling prefab homes and businesses on other planets. No matter where you choose to exist, we all need well designed living quarters and working environments. This pose set consists of 57 poses each for both Poser and Daz Studio. The goal of these designs is to maximize use of the first three volumes in the Bubble Habitat series in three easy steps: load figures, apply poses, and save scene. Each pose is named to match the figure it should be applied to so that you do not need any figure listing to create the Outpost design. These pose sets take care of positioning/aligning each figure for the desired layout and can save you countless hours in your project workflow. You can easily reconfigure or expand these layouts to meet your own design requirements. Below is the listing of the five (5) configurations along with the overall purpose of each.

Outpost 1 PERSONAL - Provide living quarters to single person or couple
Outpost 2 FAMILY - Provide living quarters to small middle class family
Outpost 3 PROSPER - Provide living quarters to Small upper class family
Outpost 4 SCIENCE - Provide laboratory and living quarters to science team
Outpost 5 COMMUNITY - Provide living quarters to small groups or working teams

If you haven't purchased the Bubble Habitat Vol1, Vol2, or Vol3 yet, you can get them below. If you need help installing and using in Daz Studio 4, then get the free tutorial here.

Bubble Habitat Vol1
Bubble Habitat Vol2
Bubble Habitat Vol3

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