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for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male

Just $9.95 USD

Using the Daz Original Storage House props by Imaginary 3D, you can bring your scenes to life with this custom pose set.  This set of 26 poses were designed for the Genesis 8 female and Genesis 8 male figures along with the props included with the Storage House. Everyday people living in the countryside or wilderness need staple food items in bulk to last through the winter months. More importantly, large teams of people making very long exploration trips away from civilization need to ensure they have all of the supplies needed to survive their journey. The Storage House can be a busy place when receiving or selling its goods.

Genesis 8 Female poses include:
Sit on Barrel, Lean on Rail, Walk Downstairs, Walk Upstairs, Sit on Roof, Two-Person Carry, Lifting Crate, Grab Crate, Roll Barrel, Walk on Railing

Genesis 8 Male poses include:
Open Door, Lean on Rail, Walk Downstairs, Walk Upstairs, Sit on Roof, Two-Person Carry, Kick Barrel, Carry Barrel, Lift Barrel, Stand on Barrel

Barrel poses include:
Roll Barrel, Kick Barrel, Carry Barrel, Lift Barrel

Crate poses include:
Two-Person Carry, Lifting Crate

  Storage House Poses 1 of 3  Storage House Poses 2 of 3  Storage House Poses 3 of 3  

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