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VOLUME 1: Create Static Models

Just $34.95

MMS: Create Static Models

Free Dart-Set and Sword

What would you say if I told you that you could create a static model completely in Daz Studio without the need for any other applications?  If you were unsure how to answer, then "Wow" would be a proper response. Yes, you can create static models to use with our own artwork and animations without purchasing any apps specifically designed for 3D modeling, and without ever leaving the Daz Studio environment.

You can watch the overview here, or scroll down to read more about it.

This product includes eight (8) training modules with over 2-hours of HD video sized at 1280x720 in both MP4 and WMV formats. We cover all aspects of model design and creation within Daz Studio. Once you have completed your own creation, we show you how to save it as a Daz Prop so you can load it directly from the Content Library. Our "proof in the pudding" is that all of the promo images for this product were created using the techniques that we will teach you. During this course, you will learn how to use shapes to create the Classic Dart and Basic Sword. There is no limit to what static models you can create; just use your imagination and begin modeling.

* Module-01 SETUP and PREPARATION {6:22 min}
   - Layout/Style used in Videos
   - Show Floor and Aspect Frame
   - Viewport Controls
   - What is the World Center

* Module-02 USING PRIMITIVE SHAPES {14:46 min}
   - What shapes are available to use
   - Sizing, Segments and Sides for shapes

* Module-03 MANIPULATE AND SAVE SHAPES {20:16 min}
   - Universal Tool for Translating, Rotating and Scaling
   - Using Drop to Floor for placement
   - Export/Import with consistent sizing
   - Why Exporting UV's is important

* Module-04 CUSTOMIZE AND COMBINE SHAPES {22:05 min}
   - Tool Settings, using the Geometry Editor
   - What are Face Groups and Surfaces
   - Default naming conventions and suggested naming
   - How to use Opacity for Translucent/Transparent
   - Modifying geometry to remove polygons
   - Combining several objects into one component

* Module-05 GLOBAL CHANGES TO SHAPES {13:45 min}
   - Triangulating for more designs and compatibility
   - Smoothing with the SubD Subdivision modifier
   - Decimating to reduce Polygon counts

* Module-06 DESIGN YOUR NEW PROP {9:44 min}
  - Deciding what you wish to create
  - Creating or downloading reference images
  - Creating your model using only primitive shapes
  - Renaming, scaling and positioning components

* Module-07 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER {34:20 min}
  - Building Shell models with primitives
  - Scaling Shell models to match other props/figures
  - Adjusting components to build a parts library
  - Colorizing components for desired look
  - Saving components as a single finished model

* Module-08 SAVING AS NEW DAZ PROP {11:15 min}
  - Adjusting Origin Point for Translate, Rotate and Scale
  - How to save your finished model as DUF prop
  - Customizing the Thumbnail and Tip images for Content Library

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