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Software (Apps), Tools, and Utilities for Windows

Designed for Digital Projects, Graphics Artists, 3D Modelers, Animators, Film Makers and More...
Content Cataloger
The easiest way to track your Poser and DAZ Studio Content collections with Windows software.
Create your own personal visual list
of installed Poser/DAZStudio Content

Content Cataloger

Professional-level catalog creation
Photos, 3D Models and more

Simply Seamless
Make Textures Seamless

Rapid creation of seamless texture
any compatible texture image

Texture and Material Extractor
TaME v3 for Windows
Professional quality seamless
textures from digital images

Ribbon Maker
Easy Texture to Ribbon Converter

Create ribbons from almost any texture as borders/enhancements

Swatch Maker v3
Texture to Large Material Swatch
Swatch-Maker v3 for Windows is easy to use with powerful results for absolutely free. Transform any texture or pattern into a larger canvas or texture image to wrap around your 3D models or customize for detailed texture packages. Conversion is performed without without shrinking or stretching images. The results are even more breath-taking when you convert seamless textures/patterns. Create a new canvas in any of these sizes based upon your load, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096, and 8192x8192. How many times have you created a large blank template in a paint program and then used a bucket-fill action to create a large texture template just to find out you didn't like the way it looks. Then you have to start all over again searching for that perfect texture for your project. No more wasting your precious time. With Swatch-Maker just load a texture and instantly preview your texture templates at your desired settings. If you like it just one-click and it's saved. No creating, no manual resizing and no filling, just Load, view and Save. Swatch-Maker was designed for Power-of-2 Symmetrical textures works best with a power of 2 square image, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256. If your image is not a power of 2 square, you may get unusual or undesired results. Swatch-Maker may be compatible with non-standard sizes but results will vary.
Transform textures to large canvas,
or create scrapbook paperstock

Seamless Stamper
Borderless Texture Creation

Create textures with automatic
wrap-around across the borders

Object Grouping Utility

Reorganize an OBJ's polygonal
faces  by Groups and Materials

PP2 Exporter v2.1a
Public Domain Daz Studio Script

Create OBJ models and easily convert
them to Poser PP2  format with this script.

Texture Twister
Cubic Texture Rotations

Rotate textures 45-degrees to
create cubic seamless textures

Borders Galore!
Custom Borders & Frames

Create Your Own Stationary or
Highlight Your Photos & Projects

Symple Art
Symmetrical Canvas Drawing

Allow Graphics Artists to
create symmetrical designs

File Finder DS
Find DAZ Studio Related Files

Search for DS files by filetype or name
matching with TEXT/HTML

File Finder PS
Find Poser/PoserPro Related Files

Search for PS files by filetype or name
matching with TEXT/HTML

Video Wallboard
  Web-based Video Access

Search for MP4/WMV Videos and embed
into Wallboard for

Grid-Maker 3D
Multishape Grid Creator

Create grids for planning/design;
export 3D OBJect Grid models

Scripting Exposed
Phrase-Maker for Daz Studio

Uncensored Daz Script source code in
.dsa format with quick reference guide.

FREE and DONATIONware Utilities
Designed to Improve Your Project Workflow or Just Have Some Fun...
KdKaKs to RGB Conversion
Convert RGB and Diffuse, Ambient and Specular values

Image/Picture Manipulation Utility
Easily flip an images in vertical, horizontal or both directions

myColor Selector
Visual RGB Color Selection
 FREE my Color Selector Software
Quickly and Easily choose
  Matching Color Sets

EZ ProKeyGen
Product Key Generator
Create up to 100,000 unique
Product Keys for your products

The Speedy Shrinker
Quickly reduce the size of any
  image as large as 8192x8192

All Thumbs
Bulk Thumbnail Creation
Create Thumbnails up to
512x512 for Image Sets

C-C PRO LITE Edition
Visual Catalogs of Your Content

Professional-level catalog creation
  with rows up-to 18 image entries

ProKeyGen PLUS
Product Key Generator

Create up to 1 million unique
Vendor Specific Product Keys

Best viewed at
1024 x 768
or higher.
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